Year 5 Exam (Online )

Thank you for applying for the Chithambara Maths Challenge 2020. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we were unable to conduct the examination as we usually would. So we have postponed the Maths Challenge to this year. It will also be online as it is not safe for us to do it in an exam hall. We are terribly sorry for this inconvenience, but this is the safest way to conduct the exam in the current situation.

We are conducting the actual exam on Saturday (10th July, @3pm). Year 5

Please make sure you have a desktop/laptop which has a camera/webcam connected to it; this is to ensure that any malpractice does not take place during the exam itself. Now that you have completed the trial exam, you will hopefully be familiar with this new format and there should be no issues when you complete this exam.

*Take note that you must press submit once you have completed the exam, otherwise your answers will not come through to us.

Exam Date: Saturday 10th July – Year 5 only

Time: 3pm

Duration: 1hr

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