Grammar schools are to expand in 10 council areas after Theresa May’s Cabinet shake up

New grammar schools will be open under new leadership.


  • PM is understood to be sympathetic to more grammars being built in UK
  • Plan to build ‘Satellite’ campuses linked to existing schools not new ones
  • PM’s Cabinet has eight ex grammar pupils, five more than David Cameron’s

n October last year, the Government approved the first grammar school in 50 years by allowing an annexe of Weald of Kent Grammar School in Tonbridge. The new school will be in Sevenoaks, which is ten miles away.

Areas leading the way in pushing for grammar school annexes include Buckinghamshire, Croydon and Bedfordshire.

Further plans are also being looked at in Birmingham and Poole, Dorset. And Yorkshire, Reading, Trafford, Warwickshire and Essex, are also selective areas where schools could see expansion in future.

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