1. When is the next year exam date ?    9 th of March 2024 12:30 pm
  2. When id the closing date for the application ? 12th of February 2024
  3. Can I apply after the closing date ? No we won’t take any application after the closing date
  4. Is it calculator paper ? No , it is non calculator exam
  5. Do we have parking facility at the centres ? No there is no parking facility , please use public transport where ever possible
  6. What time I need to be there ? You need to be there 30 min before the exam time
  7. If I enter the name wrong , what can I do ? No , you need to make new application.
  8. Can I change the exam center on the exam day? No , we have allocated students to the nearest centres, we wont be able to change.
  9. When is the exam results will be released ? 1st of June 2023
  10. How we can get the results ? Results will be released on line according to the candidate numbers
  11. Do I need to keep my candidate number safe? Yes
  12. When is the award ceremony ( 2023) 8th of July ( Saturday )
  13. Can I purchase the tickets at the entrance ? No , you  need to purchase the tickets before the event
  14. If two of my kids have selected for the award ceremony , do I need to buy two tickets? No, You need to buy one family tickets.
  15. What time events start ? Session 1 ( Year 1, 3, 5, 7, 9) 10:30 am Session 2 ( Year 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 ) – 4pm
  16. Due to personal reason we unable to attend award ceremony.
    Will be possible send award over post ?  No, Awards to encourage the kids at stage. If you don’t attend , you won’t be able to get the trophy.
  17. How can I get the results for those who received the awards ? Results will be announced on the stage at the award ceremony only .
  18. Can you please tell me when the ceremony starts and finishes? Session 1 – Starts 10:30am , Session 2 Starts 4pm
  19. My child has been selected for the award ceremony , however we could not able to attend the ceremony . How we can find out results ? If your child has been selected for the award ceremony means , he /she has selected under awards category (A).
  20. How can I order the award ceremony photos ? You can order through our web site.
  21. When is the application  closing date for the exam 2024?  12th of February
  22. I have enter my details wrong on the application form , how can I change ? If you have enter your details wrong , you need to make a fresh application . We wont be able to change any details after you have applied
  23. Exam will be face to face or online ? If we can conduct the exam face to face we will conduct otherwise , it will be online exam.
  24. Can I get refund , if my child can not  come to the exam? There is no refund, please make sure you are available  for the exam.
  25. Can I get refund of my tickets ? No There is no refund
  26. If my child late for the exam ? All the children need to be on time , there is no extra time allowed for late attend .
  27. Can I change the exam centre ? No , We won’t be able to change the exam centre
  28. What will happen , if I apply wrong exam year of my child ? Exam papers are limited for each centres. It will be difficult to change the year after you have applied .
  29. Can I apply different year group? No you need to apply same year group as UK curriculum.