Another Prime minister from Eton School?

Not since Harold Wilson’s government set up a commission to deal with the “public school problem” has the Palace of Westminster hosted an event that could bring about the dismantling of Britain’s educational apartheid. But MPs this week held a debate on a programme for radical reform of a two-tier system that provides an elite education for a tiny minority of the population, and divides Britain into winners and losers.

It could not come at a more propitious moment. Britain is on the brink of falling out of Europe; our mainstream political parties are tearing themselves apart; and populism is on the rise as people seek alternatives to the

Westminster model of government. And yet, at this most critical moment in our nation’s history, we are reduced to spectators, watching in helpless horror as the Tory party goes through the motions of (in all likelihood) appointing  Boris Johnson as yet another Etonian prime minister – the 20th in Britain’s history.

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